iPhone games development company

iPhone Games Development Company

iPhone games development services

iPhone Games App Development Company in Dubai, UAE

AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has entrenched a milestone in the iPhone Games App Design & Development in a span of 2+ years by the virtue of their determined squad of more than 80 people which enables it to interact with a mass of visitors across Dubai and other parts of UAE.

iPhone Game Application Development Services Dubai

AppSquadz is a leading iphone Apps Games Development Company in Dubai. According to a US survey conducted in 2012, 80% of the revenue generated on mobile platforms was from the gaming industry. The same survey went on to reveal that the smart phone gaming industry is estimated to double in value by the year 2016. This clearly shows the impact that gaming apps have in today's economy. Popular games like Angry Birds, Temple Run and Mine craft have proven that the gaming industry is a very lucrative one. We, at AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd., have realized this early on and boast the very best in terms of iPhone game development.

The gaming industry has grown its presence over various platforms – mobile, console, PC, online gaming and the industry is growing really fast along with the presence on all these platforms. Most of the other sectors stick to only one platform and then move to another, once they have established their presence on the same. However the ‘Gaming Industry’ has a different story to tell.

A lot of programming and creativity is required in order to develop good games. Games development can be done as a hobby and also as a profession. Professional programmers are paid quite lucratively for innovating interesting and advanced level games that can be used to attract visitors.

IPhone game development is a huge industry in itself. With millions of iPhone games being sold since the launch of Apple Apps store in 2008 and constant evolution in the iPhone gadget, iphone game development has become a highly competitive domain. So if you need engrossing iPhone games for your clients or execute iPhone game development projects, then come to an iPhone game development company.

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Top iPhone Games Developed:

Urban Hunt Dubai

If you love solving mysteries, like seeking adventure, and always wanted to hunt for treasures, Urban Hunt is the game for you! Urban Hunt Dubai is a unique and exciting new alternate reality game that lets you do all that and more! The game brings the traditional treasure hunt fun to the digital space.

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Scratch That Logo Quiz

Logo Quiz is a free game where you guess the names of thousands of logos from popular companies.We can see various company logos every day and everywhere. On TV, walking along the street, in magazines ... simply everywhere! More than 2500 logos are available for you to guess in over 52 exciting levels. Compare your answers with your friends! Challenge them to see who knows more logos!

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Phone Game Development - Take Gaming to the Next Level

AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has an innovative and imaginative team of professionals reserved solely for the purpose of designing and developing iPhone gaming apps that feature the very best in terms of graphics and game-play. We can be approached with nothing more than an idea, that we will turn into a competent, successful, functional and graphically rich gaming app, via means of our technological and developmental prowess.

  • The iPhone gaming market is one of the most lucrative markets around.
  • The iPhone gaming industry generates over $150 million per year
  • iPhone mobile games are the most popular downloads in the app category

Salient Features of Our iPhone Games

We are high quality conscious and leave no stone unturned to guarantee you a sensational gaming experience whenever you play our game on your device. We use latest game development kit and integrate new technological advancements in our development process to develop games that have following features:

  • High Definition (HD) clarity for excellent viewing
  • Outstanding Graphics loaded for rich user experience
  • Perfect Audio output that compliments Video
  • Motion and Vibration-sensitive; for an interactive gaming experience
  • Consume less battery power

Advantages with AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

“The broader one understands of the human experience, the better design we will have”- Steve jobs."

AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides Enhanced User Experience and Goal to satisfy our customer needs, providing the best value for the money. We provide a best platform that will provide quality output ensuring value to our customers business and mark their profitability. We have Leaders 10 years of experience Professionals and the champions Of Design, Development, Mobile Apps and Testing.

Strong competency in Cocos2D, Cocos2D X, Box 2D, Unity 2D for better iOS Games development.

Core competency in iOS Games development.

10+ dedicated iOS Game Developers

We give day in and day out backing for every one of our clients

Mastering within tight time-to-market deadlines.